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Welcome to the ECR Party’s Training Academy web portal. We hope that you find it a valuable resource. The ECR Training Academy has been established so that ECR Member Parties have access to an unparalleled online campaigns’ training resource. It is a unique resource that, amongst other key things, enables ECR Member Parties to network with each other and, at the same time, learn and share campaigns’ best practice with one another.

The portal has been created using the combined knowledge, and expertise, of campaigns’ professionals from across the globe. Whether you are researching guidance on grassroots infrastructure; digital campaigning; fundraising; Party Membership; GDPR; capacity building; polling, or much more besides, we hope you will find helpful and practical advice here. The site is being added to, and updated, constantly and so please do check back regularly.

Whilst the portal is, we hope, an outstanding online resource we also strongly encourage activists to sign up for, and attend, each of the various Training Academy Conferences and Workshops held around the continent at regular intervals. For further information on the topics, dates and venues of these events, please click here

- Richard Murphy, Training Academy Consultant


Training Academy presentation #22

The Key Elements to Community Campaigning: Part Two

This presentation covers issues including … the real meaning of populism and what it actually means to be a populist; recognising that all politics is local; communicating at a local level and being the change; Detailed Focus are the two key buzzwords; the importance of literature, deliverers and finding your support


Training Academy presentation #21

The Key Elements to Community Campaigning: Part One

This presentation covers issues including … the importance of creating a strategy; how you become the change that people desire; organising at a local level; thinking strategically; overcoming seemingly impossible odds; starting from a weak base; training, and protecting, and promoting your brand


Training Academy presentation #06

Fundraising Events: Part Two

This presentation covers issues including … the ‘Grand Ball’ and its’ organisation; thoughts about the Ball Organising Committee; the Ball Programme and its contents including advertising rate card amounts; the Tombola and how it works; the alternative Tombola!


Training Academy presentation #05

Fundraising Events: Part One

This presentation covers issues including … about fundraising events; remembering the customers; remembering the helpers; planning your event; avoid a clash of dates; items to think about; twelve principles to maximise your fundraising takings; obtaining the manpower required to make your event work; the role of the ‘Scrounger’; getting the budgeting detail right; getting the advertising detail right; some additional “Do’s” and “Don’ts”


Training Academy presentation #04

Retention and recruitment of Members

This presentation covers issues including … why Members are so vital to a grassroots political party; an ideal schedule for Membership renewals; potential benefits of being a Party Member; how to make contact with potential Members; how to find new Members; words and questions to use when canvassing for new Members; the ‘art of communication’; ten principles to producing effective recruitment letters


Training Academy presentation #03

Directing your Local Party’s Budgeting

This presentation covers issues including … guidance for volunteers newly appointed to directing a Local Party’s budgeting; items to consider; the timetable for setting an annual budget; potential budgetary expenditure content; potential budgetary income; the importance of the 100% Rule; regular questions on setting a budget and important items to contemplate


Training Academy presentation #02

The Fundraising skills required to succeed

This presentation covers issues including … the various skills and attributes required of a successful Party fundraiser; effective methods of soliciting Party donations; reasons why people donate and understanding those motives; the methods by which people prefer to contribute or, or which the Party might encourage individuals to donate


Training Academy presentation #01

Winning Elections Costs Money

This presentation covers issues including … a general introduction to the fundraising series of slides; why you need to raise funds; detailed expenditure headings for any national party; how you need a formal fundraising Plan – as well as your annual Budget; the importance of database management; the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of fundraising


Richard Murphy

Richard Murphy
ECR Party’s Training Academy Specialist Campaigns’ Consultant

The ECR Training Academy, launched in September of 2019, is headed up by Richard Murphy.

Richard is Managing Director of Communication Strategy & Management Ltd (CSM) www.csm-limited.com, a political campaigns’ consulting firm based in the United Kingdom.

CSM works alongside Members of Parliament, Members of the European Parliament, candidates and others delivering professional advice on the construction and management of their communication strategies.

With almost thirty years’ experience of working with the UK Conservative Party, Richard has campaigned directly with seven party leaders including the incomparable Margaret Thatcher. He has a wealth of experience and expertise in structuring and managing election campaigns at European, Parliamentary and Local Government levels. Richard particularly specialises in grassroots capacity building and GOTV. He also trains party activists nationally, and internationally, in “on the ground” field campaigning techniques.

Richard has trained party political activists in many countries across the world including Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Trinidad & Tobago, Slovenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Serbia and Montenegro.

A member of the Institute of Leadership & Management, Richard is also a former Board Member of both the International Association of Political Consultants and the European Association of Political Consultants.

Many subscribers will be aware that Richard has, from time to time, penned articles on campaigning for ECR’s regular newspaper “The Conservative”. On the basis of the success of those articles, the ECR Training Academy has engaged Richard’s services, further, so that he can share with us his extraordinary knowledge and expertise more widely.

This year will see the advent of a series of superb new ECR Training Academy Conferences, held throughout our continent. Richard Murphy will be leading on the content and format of these events as well as also inviting other specialist guest speakers, and trainers, to attend and share their skills with the ECR party too. Please see the ECR Party website for the latest news on these ground-breaking forthcoming events. Exciting and innovative times ahead!