ECR Party

European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) Party is Europe’s leading Conservative movement. Since our foundation in 2009, we have become on of Europe’s most important political movements. With more than 40 political parties and active representation in the European Parliament, Council of Europe, Committee of Regions and NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

We are united by our centre-right values, as expressed in the Reykjavik Declaration. The ECR Party is dedicated to individual liberty, national sovereignty, parliamentary democracy, private property, limited government, free trade, family values and the devolution of power.

These values underpin our politics, including our vision for a reformed European Union. Europe stands at a crossroads and the ECR Party’s agenda for reform has never been more relevant than it is today. Join our movement, and help us advance a Europe – and a world – of free peoples, free nations and free markets.

- Jan Zahradil MEP, ECR Party President

ECR Party

10-13 October 2019, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Western Balkans Initiative

We hope you can join us in Sarajevo as we launch this new initiative to find Conservative solutions to the problems that face the region and help the Balkans on their path towards closer relations with the Euro-Atlantic community.


7-10 November 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine

The Liberty Summit - Kyiv

The Liberty Summit Kyiv has been organised with an emphasis on supporting one of the largest countries in central-Eastern Europe – by opening up dialogue on important issues such as economic integration, fighting the trafficking of illicit goods, ending corruption and supporting the peace process in the Donbas. As well as holding discussions on what can be done to support Crimean Tatars and promoting free speech.


13-15 December 2019, Granada, Spain

Training Academy II

Following up on the success of the ECR Party Training Academy in Madeira, this activist training session will further develop political campaign strategy...