The ECR Party is dedicated to individual liberty, national sovereignty, parliamentary democracy, private property, limited government, free trade, family values and the devolution of power. These values underpin our politics, including our vision for a reformed European Union

Europe stands at a crossroads and the ECR Party’s agenda for reform has never been more relevant than it is today. Join our movement, and help us advance a Europe – and a world.

European Conservatives
and Reformists (ECR) Party

We are Europe’s leading Conservative movement. Since our foundation in 2009, we have become one of Europe’s most important political movements. With more than 30 political parties and active representation in the European Parliament, Council of Europe, Committee of Regions and NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) Party brings together parties committed to individual liberty, national sovereignty, parliamentary democracy, the rule of law, private property, low taxes, sound money, free trade, open competition, and the devolution of power.


ECR Party believes in a Europe of independent nations, working together for mutual gain while each retaining its identity and integrity.


ECR Party supports the principles of the Prague Declaration of March 2009 and the work of the European Conservatives and Reformists in the European Parliament and allied groups on the other European assemblies.


ECR Party cherishes the important role of civil associations, families and other bodies that fill the space between the individual and the government.


ECR Party acknowledges the unique democratic legitimacy of the nation-state.


ECR Party is committed to the spread of free commerce and open competition, in Europe and globally.


ECR Party recognises the equality of all citizens before the law, regardless of ethnicity, sex or social class. It rejects all forms of extremism, authoritarianism and racism.


ECR Party understands that open societies rest upon the dignity and autonomy of the individual, who should be as free as possible from state coercion.


ECR Party favours the exercise of power at the lowest practicable level – by the individual where possible, by local or national authorities in preference to supranational bodies.


ECR Party is committed to the equality of all European democracies, whatever their size, and regardless of which international associations they join.

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  • The Level of Snow Was Never So Low in Austria since 1961The Level of Snow Was Never So Low in Austria since 1961
    Only 35% of the Austrian Territory has Snow and the Entire Ski Season is at Risk The country, which has always been considered the homeland of European skiing, is experiencing one of the worst tourist crises in the last 60 years due to the scarcity of snow which is
  • Von der Leyen presents the “Ecological” Industrial PlanVon der Leyen presents the “Ecological” Industrial Plan
    At the Davos Forum, the President of the European Commission launches an Industrial Plan for the Green Deal The EU says it is ready to implement a plan to make the transition to zero emissions, avoiding new financial dependencies. The financial plan devised by the European specialists would provide
  • Fine Dust Scourges Most of Italian Urban CentresFine Dust Scourges Most of Italian Urban Centres
    The New Legambiente Report Describes a Worrying Pollution Situation in Italian Cities The Legambiente report on the air quality of Italian urban centres, referring to the data recorded in 2022, highlights important critical issues, especially for the largest centres in the north, with 76% of all Italian cities exceeding
  • Putin’s Aims in the BalkansPutin’s Aims in the Balkans
    The Russian Influence in Some Balkan Areas is Becoming More and More Invasive and Potentially Dangerous in the Current Geo-Political Dynamics The Russian presence in the Balkans has ancient origins and there have been numerous attempts at consolidation over the last few decades. Since the disintegration of the former
  • The future of baseload power in the Balkans: in search of energy independenceThe future of baseload power in the Balkans: in search of energy independence
    In the context of the war in Ukraine, the countries of the European continent have been looking for a year for alternatives to survive the Russian threats of energy cuts. In the same vein, in recent weeks some news has come to light that gives a glimpse of the
  • The attrition leads the independentism to take several directions.The attrition leads the independentism to take several directions.
    The prosecutors of the process have appealed last Tuesday, January 17, the order issued by Judge Pablo Llarena. This would ask for the prosecution of the accused rebels: the former president of the autonomous community of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, and the former ministers Toni Comin and Clara Ponsati, for


ECR Party Forum London

The ECR Party is glad to offer the opportunity to listen to various panels on the most relevant topics about EU and wordwide conservatives relations featuring top tear speakers such ...

Looking at future relations with EU Conservatives and their allies
January 13, 2023
The Belgravia

ECR Party Conference: The Right Alternative

The ECR Party brings together fellow consrvatives to join our international conference in Bucharest this November 3rd to 5th. There will be present various panels on the most relevant topics ...

Towards Securityy, Prosperity and the peace of European Nations
November 3, 2022
Marshal Garden
Calea Dorobanți 50B 28021 Bucharest Romania

ECR Party conference at VIVA22

Our Spanish member party VOX is organizing its largest conference yet, VIVA22, that will take place on the 8th and 9th of October (Saturday and Sunday) in Madrid. There our international delegation and ...

An introduction to the European Parliamentary life
October 8, 2022
Street Dalga Lagoon, 28021 Madrid

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CPAC 2022

CPAC 2022

After a long time away from our conservative colleagues across the Atlantic the ECR Party sent a...

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