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ECR Party Response to Navalny Arrest
February 03, 2021

The ECR Party expresses its deep regret at the sentencing of opposition leader Alexi Navalny to 3 years in a prison colony. His arrest, and sentencing, were both heavily politicised moves carried out as a desperate and cowardly act by the Putin regime.

The ECR Party again highlights its previous condemnation of the arrest of thousands of pro-democracy protestors over the last two weeks, as well as key allies of Mr Navalny.

The ECR Party also expresses its frustration with the response on the European Union to the arrest and sentencing of Mr Navalny. Whilst they have set out clear statements of disapproval, they have not made any clear commitments to action.

The ECR Party therefore suggests the following course of action should be carried out by the European Union in response to the sentencing of Mr Navalny, and the thousands of other pro-democracy protestors who were arrested over the last two weeks:

1) The halting of construction of the Nord Stream II pipeline, which will undermine European Energy independence, and its ability to speak openly and honestly about the Russian Regime.

2) The introduction of the EU (“so called European Magnitsky Act) against the following people involved in the arrest of Mr Navalny:

  • Mikhail Murachsko – Minister of Health. Responsible for covering up Navalny Poisoning.
  • Alexander Bastrykin – Head of the Investigation Committee. Responsible for false cases against journalists and civil society activists.
  • Victor Gavrilov – Head of the Department of Transport of the Federal Security Bureau (FSB). Responsible for coordination of arrest of Mr Navalny.
  • Dimitry Ivanov – Head of the Chelyabinsk FSB, previously head of Tomsk FSB during the time of Mr Navalny’s poisoning.
  • Alexander Kalashnikov – Director of Federal Penitentiary Service.
  • Elena Morozova – Judge of Khimiki District Court. Conducted illegal trial of Alexi Navalny in a police station rather than a federal court.
  • Igor Yachuk – Head of Khimki Police Department. Responsible for the arrest of Mr Navalny.
  • Denis Popov – Chief Prosecutor of Moscow. Responsible for entire campaign of arrests and investigations of Mr Navalny’s colleagues.

3) Continued boycott of the Kremlin leadership, both on the level of bilateral formats and international forums. n this regard we express our disappointment with the visit of HR/VP in Moscow.

4) Defend our economies, societies and political systems from illicit Russian money

ECR Party Secretary General Anna Fotyga MEP said: “Words are not enough when dealing with the Putin Regime, we need firm action to send a clear message to the Russian government that undermining democratic values has consequences. The halting of the Nord Stream II Pipeline and the introduction of new European Magnitsky measures will send a clear message to the heart of the regime. No one should have any illusions that we deal with an authoritarian, kleptocratic state. Therefore Russia’s leaders and investments should be treated accordingly – boycotting their politicians and defending our economies and societies from illicit money ”.

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