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ECR Party congratulates Iceland’s Independence Party for its victory in the election
September 28, 2021

In the Parliamentary election just held in Iceland on 25th September 2021, the Independence Party has revalidated its victory from last parliamentary election, receiving 24.4% of the votes, maintaining its 16 out of 63 seats, more than any other Party, in the Althing, the oldest surviving parliament in the world.

The Independence Party (Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn) is by far the largest parliamentary party in Iceland.

ECR Party wants to congratulate Bjarni Benediktsson for its clear leadership, being the most voted candidate for Prime Minister in this parliamentary election, enlisting the support of thousands of citizens in defense of well-being, stability, and responsibility for the Icelandic nation.

ECR Party celebrate this result, and congratulate them for so much support from Icelanders, as this is an important step in ensuring the stability and prosperity of Iceland.

Latest from the ECR Party