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ECR Party President Giorgia Meloni congratulates Prime Minister Petr Fiala
November 29, 2021

«As President of Fratelli d’Italia and the European Conservatives Party, I am very proud to congratulate and wish all the best in the work to Petr Fiala, who was appointed as the new Prime Minister of the Czech Republic yesterday.

Fiala is the leader of ODS (Civic Democratic Party) and led the center-right SPOLU coalition to a recent election victory over outgoing Prime Minister Babis. The ODS party is a historic member of our conservative ECR family, defending national values under the banner of Eurorealism and positive cooperation with other Visegrad nations.

From today, the European Conservatives have one more Prime Minister in their ranks.

From Prague, once again, the wind of freedom blows and I am convinced that with Petr Fiala we will strengthen at European level the perspective of a governing Right and a centre-right that is a strong alternative to the Left.»

This was stated by the president of Fratelli d’Italia and European Conservatives (ECR Party), Giorgia Meloni.

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