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ECR Party Vice Presidents Jorge Buxadé and Radosław Fogiel congratulate Giorgia Meloni
September 26, 2022

“As Vice Presidents of the ECR Party, we congratulate today Fratelli d’Italia and our ECR Party President, Giorgia Meloni, for their outstanding victory in the general election in Italy”, declared Jorge Buxadé, Member of the European Parliament and head of the VOX delegation and Radosław Fogiel, Member of the Polish Parliament and spokesperson for PiS. 

“This victory is a milestone for all the conservative and patriot movements around Europe that, like our Fratelli d’Italia partners, are working to defend the real interests of European nations. 

Giorgia Meloni’s example is a remarkable step in our reformist project for Europe. It leads the way to a Europe which remains proud of its tradition and is reinforced by free and sovereign nations that cooperate for our security and prosperity.

The two Vice Presidents of the European Conservative and Reformist Party concluded “we renew today our commitment to this common project towards a Europe of free and secure nations, rooted in tradition and community”. 

Latest from the ECR Party