ECR Party

Upcoming Events

7-10 November 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine

The Liberty Summit - Kyiv

The Liberty Summit Kyiv has been organised with an emphasis on supporting one of the largest countries in central-Eastern Europe – by opening up dialogue on important issues such as economic integration, fighting the trafficking of illicit goods, ending corruption and supporting the peace process in the Donbas, as well as holding discussions on what can be done to support Crimean Tatars and promoting free speech.


12 November 2019, Brussels, Belgium

The ECR Party’s Autumn Gala Dinner

Following the success of the ECR Summer Gala we are pleased to announce our Autumn Gala Dinner.


14 November 2019, Brussels, Belgium

Blue Green Summit V

Conservatives are natural conservationists


13-15 December 2019, Granada, Spain

Training Academy II

Following up on the success of the ECR Party Training Academy in Madeira, this activist training session will further develop political campaign strategy...


Past Events

Training Academy

5-8 September 2019, Funchal, Madeira

Summer Gala Dinner

26 June 2019, Chateau de Grand Bigard, Brussels, Belgium

Blue Green Summit IV - Baltic Sea

24 April 2019, Swedish Parliament House - Riksdagshuset, Stockholm

Blue Green Summit III

3 April 2019, Solvay Library, Brussels

Faith And Freedom Summit II

2 April 2019, European Parliament (Room A1H1), Brussels, Belgium

The Liberty Summit - Sofia

22 March 2019, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria

La Convenzione Blu

22 February 2019, Rome, Italy

Jan Zahradil: Retune The EU!

28 November 2018, Café Luxembourg, Place Luxembourg 10, Brussels

The Liberty Summit - Moldova

19-20 October 2018, Orhei, Moldova

After Summer Drinks Reception

4 September 2018, Le Grand Central, Brussels, Belgium

Faith And Freedom Summit

28 June 2018, Brussels, Belgium

Baku Summit: Building a Shared Future

8-9 June 2018, Baku, Azerbaijan

Blue-Green Summit II

24 May 2018, Brussels, Belgium

Edmund Burke Award III

15-15 May 2018, London, UK

Brussels Summit 2018 “A Future for Europe”

22 March 2018, Brussels, Belgium

Yerevan Summit

15 December 2017, Yerevan, Armenia

Great Lakes Trade Summit

14 July 2017, Kampala, Uganda

Conservatives International - Miami

26 May 2017, Miami, Florida

The Liberty Summit, Albania

6-9 April 2017, Tirana, Albania

Blue-Green Summit I

1 February 2017, Brussels, Belgium

Project Maja VIII - Athens

9 November 2016, Athens, Greece

Edmund Burke Award II

1 November 2016, London, UK

Project Maja VII - Catania

1 August 2015, Catania, Italy

Edmund Burke Award I

22 May 2015, Winchester, UK

Project Maja VI - Croatia

1 October 2014, Slavonia, Croatia

Project Maja V - Bosnia and Herzegovina

1 July 2014, Zenica & Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project Maja IV - Gaziantep

1 January 2014, Gaziantep, Turkey

Project Maja III - Bosnia and Herzegovina

1 July 2012, Sarajevo & Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project Maja II - Bangladesh

1 July 2011, Slyhet & Dhaka, Bangladesh

Project Maja I - Bosnia and Herzegovina

1 July 2009, Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina